Accountant + AI Service For Hassle - Free Finance Management offers a seamless blend of expert professional services and cutting-edge AI technology to streamline your bookkeeping and tax preparation, saving you time and resources and allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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How Paci Works

Step 1

A Paci account manager starts your journey, thoroughly learning your business and any unique needs you may have.

Step 2

We help you choose a pricing plan to match your business goals, ensuring you fully understand the expectations.

Step 3

Paci onboards your business smoothly, offering communication channels for immediate start after a monthly payment.

All-in-one Accounting Solutions for Every Business Needs

With Paci’s 24/7 real-time insights dashboard, you can monitor earnings, expenses, profits, and even pending invoices with a single glance. Stay effortlessly informed about your finances.

Skip the maze of complex accounting software interfaces. Simply link your accounting software to Paci, and let us distill essential financial insights for you, minus the complications.

Making it easier to run businesses & be in control. With Paci, you can easily run your business, manage your performance, and make the right data-driven decisions.

Your personal bookkeeper gets to know your business, Assists in classifying your expenses, and organizes your books. You get real-time P&L statements, balance sheets, cash flow, and tax compliance reports allowing you to be on top of your finances.

End payment delays with Paci’s revolutionary “Due to Pay” and “Due to Collect” features. Take control of your receivables and payables like never before, with in-depth assessments for clarity on owed amounts.
With our commitment to superior customer service, we provide you with in-app communication channels and our notifications ensure that you are informed on all new regulations be it corporate taxes, VAT, or others.

Harness the power of data with our advanced analytical tools and get insights tailored to your business’s unique position.

All transactions – from your accounting software, bank feeds, and documents, to other accounts – converge on our transactions page, creating a comprehensive and reliable hub for all your financial data.

Experience hassle-free accounting with Paci. No more manual accounting tasks! Seamlessly integrate with popular software like QuickBooks, ZohoBooks, Tally, and more.

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All of your financial management solutions in a single platform


What is the difference between Paci and accounting software?

Paci is a software-powered service that ensures your finances are accurate, in order, and timely to enable decision-making. Our clean, simple, and modern interface aims to remove the fear of finance management and shift the power from the accountants to the owner/operator.

Does every customer have access to support?

Certainly! Every customer has free video calls with our team of finance specialists whenever needed and also has the ability to communicate within our application to their dedicated accountant.They will arrange to speak with our dedicated Finance Advisor around the clock. 

Does Paci really take away my financial headaches?

Absolutely! Paci is designed to simplify and streamline your financial processes, eliminating the complexities and challenges you may face in managing your finances. Human + Ai solution and user-friendly dashboard work in tandem to ensure you have a hassle-free financial experience. Let Paci handle the intricacies, so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business. Ask us if you see something that is not there in our offering, We are sure to help out.

How can Paci customers access and communicate with the platform?

Customers can communicate via our accessible online dashboard, both on desktop. Every client is provided with a finance concierge, ensuring smooth interactions and prompt responses to queries. Moreover, our dashboard offers users instant access to real-time financial insights and valuable data, making financial management a breeze.

I need support on budgeting, building a deck, or a forecast. Can Paci help?

We can definitely help reach out to us via our advisory service offering and your account manager will reach out to understand your requirements, budgets, and timelines and get back with the right proposal.

Intuitive and easy to use, yet very powerful and diverse

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Real-time financial dashboard

Monitor earnings, expenses, profits, and more.

Tailored bookkeeping & tax suit

Manage performance, and make data-driven decisions.

Seamless recievable & payalble management

Paci's revolutionary "Due to Pay" and "Due to Collect" features

Real-time communications channel

Our commitment to superior customer service

Customised insights & financial advisory

A dedicated financial advisor for your business

Easy transaction management

A comprehensive, reliable hub for all your financial data