Revolutionizing the future of finance, one innovation at a time


Empowering Small Businesses with Technology, Taking the hassle out of Finance one business at a time.

Our Vision

Paci envisions a future where small businesses can use technology to bring together fragmented financial operations and use it for improving their life. Paci wants to take the fear out of managing finance for an entrepreneur.

The Name

Paci is named after Lucas Pacioli, the father of accounting. We believe that Paci is the humanoid descent of Lucas Pacioli, sent as a messiah to solve the problems of a small business owner.

Our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

Making business finance management a more pleasant experience.

Paci aims to unshackle business finance management from complex accounting systems and get entrepreneurs business data that is timely, accurate, and in a form they can use to take decisions.

Illustration of finance-related icons connected to a central logo, symbolizing financial management tools.
Our Story

Abdul Ghafoor, despite his finance background, faced challenges managing his business finances. Even outsourcing didn’t alleviate the issue, often leaving him behind in addressing financial challenges. In discussions with other entrepreneurs, including Gulnar Basheer, a finance lead at a prominent startup, he found he wasn’t alone. Many faced difficulties due to fragmented data sources, the high cost of expert talent, and outdated accounting systems.

Financial data for businesses is scattered across various platforms like accounting software, banks, online stores, and excel sheets. Often, due to budget constraints, less experienced teams handle this data, leading to time-consuming manual processes and delays in obtaining crucial financial insights. Moreover, traditional accounting systems, designed primarily for record-keeping, don’t present data in an entrepreneur-friendly manner.

Recognizing these challenges, they introduced Paci. Paci integrates AI with real-time data and expertise from finance professionals. This ensures accurate, timely, and entrepreneur-friendly financial data, empowering small business owners to make informed decisions without dreading their finances.

Meet the team

Abdul Ghafoor Fazal, Founder and CEO of Paci

Abdul Ghafoor Fazal

Founder and CEO

AGF has had a diverse career as a consultant, management executive, and startup entrepreneur. His last corporate stint was with Ernst & Young which he left as a Director. He has also served in Management capacities for SMBs within the engineering domain.

“Paci is the culmination of the problems that small businesses, including myself have faced. Simply put, we are never really sure how our business is performing. Therefore we have built to be the single source of truth for your finances and to save you time and money.”

Gulnar Basheer, Co-Founder & Operations Lead of Paci

Gulnar Basheer

Co-Founder & Operations Lead

Gulnar is in charge of ensuring that all parts come together.

Gulnar used to work as the Finance lead for Zomato in the region and it was during one of her dreaded weekly reconciliation tasks that she recognized using technology may just make her life easier saving her countless hours.

Speak to the Team


Paci offers a unique combination of software and your own personal accountant, designed to ensure accurate, organized, and timely financial management. Our user-friendly interface demystifies finance, giving control back to owners/operators. With Paci, you get more than software; you gain a partner dedicated to empowering your decision-making with comprehensive financial oversight.

The Paci Finance Concierge operates from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Abu Dhabi time. We endeavor to address requests within two hours. If a request requires more time, we’ll promptly update you with an expected timeline for completion.

We operate a very simple tiered pricing structure based on the average transaction per month. Please find details here.Our Software comes with an accountant service with it.
If you see you need any additional support do reach out to

Paci seamlessly integrates with the most popular software like QuickBooks, ZohoBooks, Tally, Xero, and more.
But you don’t use any software? Not an issue! Just upload your invoices, purchase orders, and bank statements, and our AI compiles your books, creating a comprehensive dashboard.
However, this comes up with certain limitations which your account manager will discuss with you after understanding your requirements.

Absolutely! Paci is designed to simplify and streamline your financial processes, eliminating the complexities and challenges you may face in managing your finances. Human + Ai solution and user-friendly dashboard work in tandem to ensure you have a hassle-free financial experience. Let Paci handle the intricacies, so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business. Ask us if you see something that is not there in our offering, We are sure to help out.

Customers can communicate via our accessible online dashboard, both on desktop. Every client is provided with a finance concierge, ensuring smooth interactions and prompt responses to queries. Moreover, our dashboard offers users instant access to real-time financial insights and valuable data, making financial management a breeze.

We can definitely help reach out to us via our advisory service offering and your account manager will reach out to understand your requirements, budgets, and timelines and get back with the right proposal.