Easy Transaction Management

All transactions – from your accounting software, bank feeds, and documents, to other accounts – converge on our transactions page, creating a comprehensive and reliable hub for all your financial data.

Single source of truth for all your accounts & transactions

No more scattered data. Paci centralizes all your financial information, providing a clear and comprehensive overview.

Slice & dice transactions with your bookkeeper

Dive deep into details. Collaborate with your bookkeeper in Paci to categorize and analyze every transaction.

Seamless connection with all major accounting software

Integrate effortlessly. Paci connects with top accounting platforms, ensuring a smooth flow of your financial data.

Real-time bank feeds for real-time insights

Stay updated every second. Paci’s upcoming feature will sync with bank feeds, offering immediate financial insights.

Single Source Of Truth

All transactions – from your accounting software, bank feeds, and documents, to other accounts – converge on our transactions page, creating a comprehensive and reliable hub for all your financial data.

Slice & Dice Transactions With Your Bookkeeper

Engage with your transactions pinpointed by your bookkeeper in your transaction tab. Easily annotate with comments or attach bills. Making sense of your financials and collaborating has never been more seamless!”

Real-Time bank Feeds For Real-Time Insights

Paci offers you a unified platform where you can quickly connect all bank accounts you have across different banks, reducing the pain of shuffling through different banking apps.

With our software, you can connect all your bank accounts in a single platform and track your finances in real-time.

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What is the difference between Paci and accounting software?

Paci is a software-powered service that ensures your finances are accurate, in order, and timely to enable decision-making. Our clean, simple, and modern interface aims to remove the fear of finance management and shift the power from the accountants to the owner/operator.

We don't use any accounting software. Can we still use Paci?

Paci seamlessly integrates with the most popular software like QuickBooks, ZohoBooks, Tally, Xero, and more.
But you don’t use any software? Not an issue! Just upload your invoices, purchase orders, and bank statements, and our AI compiles your books, creating a comprehensive dashboard.
However, this comes up with certain limitations which your account manager will discuss with you after understanding your requirements.

Does Paci really take away my financial headaches?

Absolutely! Paci is designed to simplify and streamline your financial processes, eliminating the complexities and challenges you may face in managing your finances. Human + Ai solution and user-friendly dashboard work in tandem to ensure you have a hassle-free financial experience. Let Paci handle the intricacies, so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business. Ask us if you see something that is not there in our offering, We are sure to help out.

How can Paci customers access and communicate with the platform?

Customers can communicate via our accessible online dashboard, both on desktop. Every client is provided with a finance concierge, ensuring smooth interactions and prompt responses to queries. Moreover, our dashboard offers users instant access to real-time financial insights and valuable data, making financial management a breeze.

I need support on budgeting, building a deck, or a forecast. Can Paci help?

We can definitely help reach out to us via our advisory service offering and your account manager will reach out to understand your requirements, budgets, and timelines and get back with the right proposal.