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How to claim a VAT refund in UAE?


Sprinkles by PACI How to claim a VAT refund in UAE? Value-added tax (VAT) is an indirect tax applied at the moment of sale. A company pays VAT to its direct customer and then to the governing body of the nation in which it is incorporated. Why? Since the government pays for it. A company […]

P&L template

Woman talking on the phone in a messaging interface, symbolizing communication and customer service.

Sprinkles by PACI P&L template A profit and loss statement is a major element in any business that shows its financial health.A profit and loss template, or P&L template, shows your business’s revenue against expenditures, which aids in determining profit. P&L templates may be used to examine and compare a company’s performance over a particular […]

Corporate Tax FAQs

Sprinkles by PACI Corporate Tax FAQs Companies that operate in the UAE need to stay up to date on the latest modifications to the corporate tax code and how they affect their business. Making informed financial decisions and guaranteeing compliance with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) depend on this information. Being an integrated finance management […]